It’s a Small World After All?

Or is the Penn State alumni association really just that expansive? The website Very Small Array recently designed a special map of Park Slope in New York City (“brave, bourgiest corner of Bourgie Brooklyn”, says Gawker), a hipster haven, music mecca, indie asylum. This map has all the streets in the Park Slope area, but the street names have been changed to the names of the colleges found on the rear windows of the cars parked there (maybe). Not surprisingly, Penn State is one of the largest names on this map, along with most of the ivies. What divine knowledge can we glean from this information?

Penn State (and a large part of Onward State’s readers/writers) has a large, under-appreciated hipster population
Penn State graduates are some of the only people who care enough to put a PSU sticker in their rear windshield
Being included with these other prestigious schools CLEARLY shows that Penn State doesn’t get the proper respect that they deserve as an academic juggernaut
This website could be a little biased

Take what you want from this map. Regardless of any revelations you come to, it’s a pretty cool project by someone with clearly too much time on their hands, and it amused me (and hopefully you) for a solid minute. Not bad.

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