Single College Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Gender studies in college has become a hot-button topic recently. Single college ladies, you can be sure you’ll put a ring on it some day thanks to a new study put out by Newsweek.

“For women, financial stability used to be the most important reason for marriage,” the article reported. “Today, educated women are a lot less concerned about how much their husband earns, and more interested in whether he is willing to share child care and housework.”

The study’s main focus is to disprove the long-standing idea that “smart women finish last,” placing emphasis on the fact that more women now attend college than men. In the study, Betsey Stevenson, an assistant professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania found that “In 1950, less than three quarters of white college-educated women went on to marry by age 40 [compared with 90 percent of high-school graduates]. But today, 86 percent marry by age 40, compared with 88 percent of high-school grads.”

That’s right, ladies, your chances are lookin’ up. The study also reported that college educated women’s marriages are “happier” compared to other women.  The study believes that college educated couples are more likely to marry for companionship, love, and compatibility than financial security, which was the norm in the past.

A better time for single dudes to be in college never existed with the vast selection of so many fine young educated ladies out there. In fact, the study also addressed this point, saying, “When a man with only a high school degree marries by age 20, there’s a 49 percent chance that he will be divorced within 10 years. Compare that with the man who gets married in his mid-30s who has a college degree. Ninety percent will still be married 10 years later.”

So dudes, if you’re still getting paid in meat balls to give piano lessons, get out there and try to meet someone this weekend.

And for you girls, forget about those Cosmo tips, your real key to love is through your college degree (at least according to Newsweek). It’s gotta be a good feeling knowing your chances of ending up on VH1’s “Tough Love” with that weird ass and his mom are lowered just by graduating college.

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