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Day: February 12, 2010

Penn State Lovin’

The Official Penn State Facebook Page is sponsoring a Valentine’s Day contest. Just post your best PSU love story and you could be enjoying dinner with your honey at the Nittany Lion Inn! The competition is pretty fierce so far - if you want to win you’ll have to compete with lots of marriages, blind dates, love-at-first-site encounters, an Old Main proposal, and even a McLanahan’s home pregnancy test.

Submissions will be accepted until 5pm on Monday, February 15th, so get your story up!

JoePa Has Eye Surgery, Ditches Thick Lenses

It was reported yesterday that Head Football Coach Joe Paterno had eye surgery in Philadelphia after he had some difficulty reading. The procedure was a success, and Paterno no longer needs his iconic “coke-bottle” glasses. Instead of eschewing eyewear entirely, he will be wearing glasses with thinner lenses, as he “feels strange” without them. Given […]

The Presidential Leadership Academy (Might) Want You!

Are you a rising sophomore (i.e after this semester you will be a sophomore)? Are you attending University Park currently? Do you wish to become a better leader? Then the Presidential Leadership Academy is for you!

The program itself is 3 years long and accepts only 30 applicants from each class. The Academy aims to prepare students to make difficult choices and to welcome diversity and consider multiple interpretations of a given situation. It will also teach the importance of attire, decorum and personal character.

Some cool stuff that goes on in the Academy:

  • Taking a one -credit seminar led by Graham Spanier!
  • Taking a three -credit course which emphasizes critical thinking
  • Participating in at least three field experiences which are planned annually by the Academy to give students broader perspective on social and political issues.

Applications are either done through a nomination by Penn State faculty/staff or self-nomination. The deadline is due Feb 26, 2010. For more information on applications click here.

The STATEtorialist: What’s On Your “Man-Station”?

Whether you know it or not, in your dorm, apartment, house, bedroom, hole in the wall, or wherever it is that you sleep at night, you have a man-station. Its function comes out between your morning shower and leaving for the day. Having something like this is essential, because it's your one stop before you go out the door. Ever since I dedicated a dresser in my room to all these essential items, I have yet to lose my keys, my wallet, my cell phone, or any of the other items on it. If you don't already have this separate, set-aside, organized station, my suggestion is to make one - it makes starting the day a lot easier. Here's some typical things to start with.

  • The Classic Keys, Wallet, Cell Phone
  • Cologne
  • Glasses (if applicable)
  • Important miscellaneous items that you need for the next day
  • Picture of mom (just kidding, but if you tell her it's there she'll love it)

So the next time you lose forget your keys, can't find your iPod, or are begging a professor to let you run home and grab that paper that you left at home, go home immediately, clear off a dresser, and fill it with the essentials. If you already have one, tell us. What's on your man-station?

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