Day: March 5, 2010

Icers Ready to Battle For Championship

While most of us are thinking of sand and sunscreen for Spring Break, the Penn State Icers are thinking of ice and trophy polish. They are heading to Chicago to play in the ACHA Division 1 Men's Hockey National Championships with hopes of bringing home some hardware instead of a nice tan.

Throughout this season, the Icers have compiled a 27-4-1 record while winning the ESCHL regular season and tournament titles. Now there is only one thing left on their preseason to-do list: Win a national championship.

Penn State received the #2 seed in the national tournament and play the SUNY-Canton Kangaroos in the first round on Saturday. If they prevail over the marsupials on skates, they will play the winner of Oklahoma and Central Oklahoma on Sunday.

It will truly be a grueling stretch for the guys who will have to win 4 games in 5 days in order to claim their stake as the #1 team in the country. But after not being in the national championship game the last 2 years after making at least an appearance the previous 10 years, you can be sure that the barbarians on ice will be hungry to bring home a title (and not drunken beach stories) to State College.

We’re Taking a Break… You Should Too!

Penn State is on spring break for the next week.

Over that period, the site will be updated sporadically. We will resume our coverage in earnest on Monday March 15.

Disbanded Fraternity House = Temp. Rooming

On Wednesday, the State College Planning Commission reviewed a new version of a temporary use provision (which will be voted on at the nest meeting), as the Commission is considering allowing fraternities that have disbanded to live in their houses for up to two years while the chapter regains its foundation. The Daily Collegian reported:

According to the proposal, disbanded fraternities could temporarily classify themselves as a rooming house for two years, after which the landowner will decide what happens to the property. For on-campus fraternities, the university could seize the property.

The proposed policy also states that the "building ownership entity" or a "local alumni association member" that is in charge of the property itself must reside within 25 miles of State College in case any problems take place. The policy also stated that the disbanded fraternity has to apply for a permit allowing the chapter house to be temporarily used as a rooming house within 120 days of the fraternity's disbandment.

PCC’s Top Secret Mission

In a project that rivals in confidentiality only with that of the Manhattan Project, the Paternoville Coordination Committee has decided to undertake a mission of putting together the history of Paternoville. The intent of this project seems to go beyond the advent of the modern-day Paternoville which was founded in 2005. They would like to hear stories from its unnamed predecessor. The PCC website had this to say:

The PCC asks for your assistance in compiling information on how Paternoville has grown from the first few camp outs way back in the day (the unofficial beginnings of camping are contested, and could be as early as the 1970s) to the current form. An initial list of over 100 sources has been compiled and the first round phone calls and e-mails should be going out within the next 24 hours.

I contacted Chris Grassi, webmaster of the PCC, and he said that he was keeping this project "pretty close to the chest." He sent out the first contacts on Sunday and, as of Thursday, he had received about 20 responses. He also said that he would continue to do this until he felt he had the quantity and quality of information needed for presentation.

More on that after the jump.

The STATEtorialist: You Can Never Have Too Many

The STATEtorialist is a blog about Penn State, college sports, and fashion. Every week, Ben from The STATEtorialist will be writing a column for Onward State. If you like what you read, be sure to comment and read more at The STATEtorialist!

I'm not going to lie, I have a lot of clothes. So much, in fact, that the studio apartment I live in that is made for two people has two closets and two dressers full of my clothes. But even with my plentiful wardrobe, I never feel like I have enough of certain items. I'm all about re-wearing jeans because they seem to be more comfortable that second time around, but there are certain things you can't pull out of the laundry basket and throw back on without feeling at least a little bit grimey.

So in the past few months I've been thinking and there are a few things I really wish I had an extensive collection of, and I like to think of these things as essentials. Read on for some items that you shouldn't feel bad for overloading on.

Texidor Tells Story

On Wednesday, Radio Free Penn State interviewed Professor José Texidor. If you haven’t heard, Texidor has quite a controversy surrounding him, which was the subject of his interview.

The whole thing started in July 2007 when Texidor received a letter from John McCarthy, head of the department of sociology and crime, law and justice questioning the difficulty of two of Texidor’s classes (CJ 100 and CJ 451).

Read on for more about the controversy.