Day: March 15, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A PSU Twitter Story

Just before the start of spring break, Penn State announced the creation of a second university-controlled Twitter account, @penn_state.

This new account is in addition to the longstanding @pennstatelive account that has become a popular addition to Penn Stater's feeds. Intrigued as to why the University would create a second account when it already had a popular one to begin with, I contacted the Penn State Department of Public Information to find out more.

Follow the break to see what I discovered...

Mr. Penn State Freshman 2013

In their continued attempt at the hearts and minds of college women, the editors and writers at Valley Magazine have teamed up with to bring us the first annual PSU Mr. Freshman 2013. What's you may ask? It's basically Valley Magazine. Only online. And national. is a new Web site for college women. The site covers everything from career advice to dorm life to relationships. Her Campus Penn State, using editors and writers from Penn State's Valley magazine, is a part of Her Campus that creates content written specifically for Penn State women.

For the Mr. Penn State Freshman competition, the writers of Valley Magazine have picked four gentlemen that they consider to be the pride of the class of 2013. With GPA's ranging from 2.8 to 4.0, and extracurriculars ranging from Scandinavian club to Ballroom Dancing, these gentlemen truly span the spectrum of the Penn State freshman class. So check out the website to find out the answers to the deep, difficult questions: what would you buy at Walmart with a blank check, what's your favorite talking point on a date, etc.

While you're there, vote for your favorite Freshman, and check out the rest of

Cheap Week on LionMenus

Cheap Week begins on today. What does that mean? Delicious food for ridiculously cheap prices. Check it out if you want some good noms!

Tell us about your favorite special of the week.

Distraction of the Day: Yep, More THON!

But this one's different from most of our THON coverage, I swear.

Kylie Nellis, a Penn State cheerleader majoring in broadcast journalism, produced this short documentary about her  dancing in THON. Definitely a different point of view than most of us experienced.

The second half is after the jump.

IFC President Asks Students to “Party Smarter”

Max Wendkos, president of the Interfraternity Council (IFC), contributed a column to today's Collegian making an argument against student-created drinking holidays.

However, in contrast to the normal argument against the holidays rooted in their obvious public safety implications, Wendkos asks the student body to realize that by disregarding the pleas of community members to control ourselves, we are telling them to "shove it."

We have found ourselves in the middle of a political game in which we have no leverage. We cannot simply "party" those whohave expressed concerns into submission. The longer it takes the student body to recognize this and to make the appropriate adjustments, the more we stand to lose.

Head on over to the Collegian and check out the full column. It's well worth the read.

Get Free Creamery Ice Cream

Yup, you read the title right. You can get free Penn State Creamery Ice Cream on Friday March 19, 2010 between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Now, this sweet deal can be had by simply using social media outlets like Facebook and Foursquare. Here's the rundown:

  1. Visit the College of Ag Science's Facebook Fan Page and become a fan.
  2. Follow the College of Ag Sci on Twitter.
  3. Get an account on the location-based social media service Foursquare.
  4. Head to the Berkey Creamery on Friday, March 19th between 11 and 1.
  5. "Check-in" your location on Foursquare.

Don't have a mobile device that is compatible with Foursquare? Don't worry, The College of Agriculture Sciences has got you covered- it'll have a computer set up so you can check in.

Get to the Creamery close to 11 to make sure you're one of the first twenty-five. Free ice cream will only be awarded to those first twenty-five.

This is a pretty cool use of social media. Props to the College of Ag Sciences for offering an incentive for people to follow their social media assets on Facebook and Twitter. Free Creamery ice cream is a whole lot better than the classic "hey you guys, can you please follow us?" line that other Colleges and Universities generally offer.

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