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Day: March 15, 2010

Five Star Penn Stater

It turns out The Penn Stater is not just that place Penn State staff goes for nooners a fantastic hotel.

The Penn Stater magazine recently won accolades in the annual Mercury Awards, a national competition which recognizes various disciplines in the world of professional communications. The Penn Stater magazine is a bi-monthly magazine for members of the Penn State Alumni Association.

The magazine won the following awards:

  • A silver award in the 'Feature Article Writing: University' category for a story about the ongoing investigation into Betsy Aardsma's murder appearing in the Sep/Oct 2009 issue
  • A bronze award in the 'Feature Article Writing: Professional Profile' category for a story in the July/Aug 2009 issue about an alum who is building a time machine so he can see his father again. Seriously.
  • A silver award in 'Writing: University Magazine' for the Nov/Dec 2009 issue.
  • A bronze aware in 'Writing: Magazines - Overall' for the Jan/Feb 2010 issue.
  • Additional honors were received in the 'Magazines: Member Publications' category for the Nov/Dec 2009 issue.

We here at Onward State would like to congratulate The Penn Stater on all their successes and hope that they continue to win accolades in the future... and thanks for putting Onward State in the prestigious company of Jersey Shore's Pauly D in your latest issue's Hip List!

Tickets for Maya Angelou Available Today

Maya Angelou, the fourth speaker in this year's Distinguished Speaker Series, will be addressing the Penn State community on Tuesday March 23 at 8:00 pm in Eisenhower Auditorium.

Angelou is an author who has won the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize, a Grammy-Award-winning poet, an Emmy-nominated actress and screenwriter, and a political activist. She has served on two presidential committees and she served as the northern coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference per request of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Free tickets for the event will be available starting Monday March 15th for students and Friday March 19 for the public. Details are after the jump.

Note to Goreham: Taxes Affect Consumption

The Collegian ran an article this morning about a proposed 10% tax on poured drinks being discussed by small town leaders across the state. State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham was quoted as saying,

"It would not discourage people from drinking. If it did, it's not a bad thing."

Thanks for playing, Liz, but you're wrong.

Increasing the price of booze in bars is going to, according to economic theory, do precisely what Goreham believes it won't; that is, "discourage people from drinking" in bars. See the nifty chart I found on the Internet to visualize why this is.

So what would be the actual impact of a poured drink tax? Sure, some bar and lounge enthusiasts might simply drink less on each visit, but another reaction to seeing your bar tab go up 10% would be to refrain from going to the bar at all and take the party elsewhere, to a house or apartment in downtown State College. And that's something that would probably be "a bad thing."

Question of the Day: Spring Break Trips

I just returned from a family vacation in Portugal. It was the first time that all 4 children in my family had the same spring break, so we decided to do something neat. I had a great time on the other side of "the pond" and now I want to know,

What did you do that was exciting during Spring Break?

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