One Stage Revolution

Despite their name, One Stage Revolution is NOT a theater revolution to topple No Refund Theater. According to their Facebook page:

One Stage Revolution is a new theatre club on the Penn State University Park campus that is all about body specific theatre (using different actor training techniques such as Suzuki, Viewpoints, Yoga, and Dance) and civic engagement. Anyone can join; no experience is necessary.

OSR uses performance to comment on social problems by showcasing a variety of viewpoints in their commentary on race, cultures, gender, sexuality, and religion to stimulate awareness about various issues. Through this, they hope to affect change in our society.

OSR will be performing this Wednesday- Saturday in front of the Pavilion Theater. Their plays will be roughly 10 minutes long, and they start at 7.15 pm. Additionally, on Sunday, they will perform at 4:40pm.

Here are the titles of their plays:

  • Downsize These
  • Follywood
  • Family 2.0
  • Unrayliable
  • Bruised

The plays’ titles may not seem like much on the surface, but given that the event ties into Cultural Conversations, my skeptical mind is led to believe that these plays could be about very important social issues. I am interested in seeing how these will “play” out to a broader audience. As long as the weather remains as nice as it has been as of late, I will be very excited for this outdoor event.

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