Late Drop Deadline’s Here! Should You Drop?

The year is winding down and there’s a month left of classes, which means it’s that time of the semester when students have their last chance to late drop classes.  

The deadline deadline typically affects certain demographics of students here on campus. Here are a few of those that should consider late-dropping before Friday:

  • Think about attendance. Have you been day-drinking your face off and/or playing an inordinate amount of PS3 instead of going to your mandatory-attendance class? If the answer is yes, you should probably consider late-dropping.
  • Think back to the number of exams or quizzes that you have taken and compare them to the syllabus. That “Oh, shit!” feeling in your stomach right now indicates that you should probably consider late-dropping.
  • Now look at your schedule. Are you thinking, “Wait, I had that this semester?!” You should probably consider late-dropping.
  • If you have ever called your professor a Nazi, tool of the Kremlin, douchebag, or anything else you wouldn’t say to your mother, then you should probably consider late-dropping.
  • Ask your adviser. Do you need to take a certain course? Will it affect your schedule, or does it even matter if you take it? Then you should probably consider late-dropping.
  • Were you responsible for the lab burning down? Is your guilty conscience eating away at you and you feel like you finally have to come clean? For the sake of your mental health, you should probably consider late-dropping.
  • Have you had sexual relations with your TA and it ended awkwardly, with him or her sending you death threats via Facebook wall? For the sake of your physical health, you should consider late-dropping/life choices.
  • Look outside. The weather’s beautiful. Hate your one class that keeps you from prime-time tanning hours on the HUB lawn? Then you should probably consider late-dropping.

Of course, these categories are not restrictive. Help your fellow students and provide some more, so that everyone can get the most out of their Penn State experience. You may even save a friend from an unpleasant conversation with the ‘rents when grades are released at the end of the semester.


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