Celebrate State, Yet Another Spring Music Festival

Do you like spending large sums of money? Do you enjoy bringing your favorite bands to campus? Then why don’t you try starting a Spring Music Festival at Penn State? You could find yourself with several thousand dollars of UPAC funds and a whole lot of free reign!

The latest addition to the concert menagerie is Celebrate State. According to the Daily Collegian, it is a joint effort of Democracy Matters, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Eco-Action and University Health Services. And guess what? They got over $25,000 dollars for their event.

Mind you, this will only feature one artist, Flobots, an act an even less renowned than Movin’ On’s Less Than Jake. Most of the day will consist of “free” food and games, paid for with your student activity fee. Apparently, the purpose of the event is to “bring attention to their respective causes, providing attendees with information on how to help and appreciate the local environment”. So basically, it’s a $25,000 involvement fair for 4 campus organizations.

One more thing to consider. Movin’ On got $20,000 from UPAC and is bringing 14 bands. Regardless of why they’re putting on the concert, couldn’t Celebrate State manage to secure a few more bands, you know, like two or something?


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