Valerie Plame Movie Debuts at Cannes

Who is Valerie Plame? A wife. A mother. An undercover CIA agent who had her cover blown by the Bush Administration. But most importantly – a Penn State alumnae who’s fascinating story is the basis for a new movie starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, due to open during the fall of this year.

The movie, directed by Doug Liman, debuted this past week as the only American entry “in competition” at the Cannes Film Festival, though  it failed to snag a single award. Although mixed reactions have been floating around, most critics agree that Watts’ performance was the highlight of the film. From reviews, it seems that film has a strong focus on the marital relationship between Plame and Wilson and lacks in controversial political commentary.

If you’re expecting a true-story Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you might want rethink your movie selection. Still, it’s only every so often that a film is made featuring such a high profile Penn State alumnae. Will you be seeing it this fall?


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