Huskers to Big Ten, Colorado to Pac-10 In Advance of Big XII Collapse

The first two dominoes of college expansion and, in turn, dissolution has been knocked over. Today, the University of Nebraska Board of Regentsformally decided to move to the Big Ten Conference and the Pac-10 Conference announced Thursday that Colorado will be added as its 11th member.

Now that the announcement has been made, the waiting game begins. Sources say that Texas, the lynchpin in all of this, would like to save the Big 12, but there are ready for a move to the Pac-10 or Big Ten (Twelve 2.0?) with Texas A&M if need be. Other schools that would be moving with them to the Pac-10 would likely be Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma is reportedly looking at joining the SEC. Baylor was once considered to join the Pac-10, but Colorado’s proactiveness has helped to take them out of the equation.

After the dust has settled, we’ll have analysis on the new Big Ten conference. Even the exciting rivalry between the women’s volleyball teams might be talked about (I’m not kidding, this is huge), but until then, enjoy this vintage footage. Hopefully it will ignite the spark for excitement of the renewal of the Penn State-Nebraska rivalry.

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