Entrepreneurs Shall Prevail

Who would leave a cushy job with a big corporation like IBM? Who would leave a lavish lifestyle filled with an attractive income, a handsome expense account, and the ability to travel the globe, all while working alongside a team of incredible people? The answer to these questions would be none other than Robert Shedd. This forward-thinker climbed the ladder of success only to jump off into the unknown.

Graduating from Penn State with a degree in Information Sciences and Technology and Engineering Entrepreneurship, Shedd secured a position as a consultant with IBM. He was successful, but realized that he didn’t want to become “complacent” to the point where he would give up on what he really wanted to accomplish in life. Shedd wanted to live his dream by helping to create a company from the ground up, but that would mean risking all of his success.

He had great respect for IBM and loved the consulting life. He learned how ”the big guys” solved the consulting issues. By using the experience with this corporate giant to his benefit, he was able to see that solving clients consulting issues on the big stage gave him confidence in his abilities. Shedd knew that he had what it took to go off on his own and create a start up company.

Future entrepreneurs, take a lesson from Robert Shedd’s story. With his guidance it will be easy to find that there are “so many reasons why you should take the leap to follow your dreams.”

For additional insight, visit Robert Shedd’s blog.


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