Greek Newspaper Comes to Penn State

Attention all Greeks! A newspaper entitled, “The Odyssey” will be released this fall semester for all to read. If you’re Greek, you may have seen an email in your PSU inbox from your IFC President passing along the word from Ben Prigal, the publisher of “The Odyssey”.

The main purpose of The Odyssey is to express the positive aspects of the Greek Community. The newspaper will give a platform for Greek life, all the writers are from the Penn State Greek system. The Odyssey is a niche lifestyle publication that showcases the benefits of Greek life.

Prigal told me that the newspaper was started at Indiana University.  Upon seeing how successful it had been, Prigal is starting the newspaper at Penn State to unite and strengthen the Greek community we have here.

Greeks can expect to see the newspaper released every week to all fraternity houses, sorority suites, the HUB, bookstores, bars, pizza places, and other places downtown. The Odyssey will be comprised of writers from many different sororities and fraternities at Penn State therefore making every aspect of the newspaper done by a member of the Greek community.

My hope is that this paper helps mend the relationship between the borough and greek life, unites members of different houses and showcases the positive aspects of greek life to the community at large.

If you want to follow The Odyssey on its journey, check out its Facebook fanpage “The Odyssey: Penn State“.

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Dennis is a rising junior majoring in IST with a minor in Supply Chain. Outside the classroom, Dennis is an ITS Lab Consultant, a member of the Penn State Blue Band Drumline, and the current President of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. Check out his website at


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