Copper Beech un-Drops CATA for West Aaron

Earlier this week we reported that Copper Beech had decided not to renew its contract with CATA for prepaid bus passes for its West Aaron tenants. This was due to the fact that CATA was requesting a 21% rate increase. After several days of angry complaints from the tenants, Copper Beech decided to give the power to the people and allowed the residents to give their input. Yesterday, Copper Beech regional manager Stephen Hilton sent a letter to the West Aaron residents informing them that their CATA privileges would be returned.

“We received much input from our tenants with many different ideas. After being given the chance to analyze your suggestions we put the matter to a vote to see what you wanted and the response was phenomenal. With your help and valuable input I am pleased to say that Copper Beech has made the decision to reinstate the CATA bus service at both our Aaron Drive locations and also at our sister property, Parkway Plaza Apartments”

While residents are sure to be grateful that this situation has passed, the letter from Mr. Hilton went on to urge tenants to write to their Federal and State legislators to emphasize the importance of continued funding for public transportation such as CATA. Reduced government funding was one of the reasons that CATA was requesting a rate increase and, according to Mr. Hilton, “It’s when these monies [government funding] fall short that situations like this can arise.”

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