Valerie Plame Movie Trailer Released

Valerie Plame, as the  opening text in the “Fair Game” movie trailer tells you, is a wife, a mother and a spy. The film is based on the real-life undercover CIA agent and Penn State alumna Plame.The movie stars Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame and Sean Penn as her husband, Joe Wilson.

Wilson wrote a 2003 New York Times Op-Ed article about the Bush administration’s manipulating evidence for weapons of mass destruction. The Bush administration tried to discredit him, and, in the process, revealed Valerie  as a secret agent.

Joe Utichi posted a review on Rotten Tomatoes May 28, saying, “Adapted for the big screen, “Fair Game” is a political thriller akin to “State of Play” or “Spy Game,” but [the fact] that it’s drawn straight from life makes it all the more compelling.”

“Fair Game” will be released in select theaters Nov. 5.

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