Seniors Brainstorm Ideas for Class Gift

The 2009 senior class gift: restoration of the Old Main bell

Seniors, student leaders and special guests all gathered in the Beaver Stadium Recruitment Center Tuesday night to discuss the 2011 Senior Class Gift.

Overall Chairperson Ben Witt opened the night by explaining that the Senior Class Gift is an opportunity passed down to each class through tradition. He encouraged seniors to keep submitting ideas until the Sept. 17th deadline, no matter how good or bad they may be.

Witt then went on to name some of the ideas the committee has received so far, ranging from renaming Beaver Stadium after JoePa to getting better quality toilet paper for on-campus bathrooms.

After a brief introductory powerpoint that included the history of class gifts, Vice President of Student Affairs Damon Sims stepped up to the podium.

Sims began by mentioning that he never realized the portrait of Evan Pugh that hangs in Old Main was the very first class gift, given by the class of 1861.

“I know Evan Pugh better as the face that always greets you as you come out of the men’s restroom,” Sims said, adding that he was glad to see there was some meaning behind the portrait as well.

Sims went on to explain the sense of pride seniors would gain by contributing to their class gift, calling it a legacy as well as a rare opportunity to add to the beauty of this campus.

“Penn State will thank you, I will thank you, and you will thank yourself,” he said.

The night concluded with roundtable discussions in which students were able to ask any questions to committee members, and to brainstorm ideas.

After the proposal deadline is reached Sept. 17th, voting will take place in the HUB Oct. 25th-29th. The final announcement will be made on Nov. 2nd where (spoiler alert) Graham Spanier may make an appearance.

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