Your Weekend Update: Seth Meyers at the BJC

Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers performs at the BJC

Last night at the Bryce Jordan Center, SNL head writer Seth Meyers said naughty things while mixing some stand up in there. Riding the wave of media buzz and unimaginably huge ratings generated by the hallowed tradition that is the ESPYs, Meyers is touring campuses across the nation. He decided to stick the best crowd he will have in the middle, thus ensuring the fond memories of Penn State will comfort him as he visits progressively worse venues.

Meyers got the intelligent part of the crowd on his side early after being introduced as “a huge Steelers fan” (Editor’s note: Go Birds). He opened the show with a critique of State College’s mind-blowingly unimaginative name and touched on the joys of college life. After talking about bar fights and sex on a futon, he got the audience involved with a bit involving eBay. He showed off his improv abilities with slams on audience members’ responses of crazy purchases and was momentarily burned when someone responded with “tickets to this show.” There was a good energy with the crowd that would continue through the entire show.

Meyers included a lot of different stories and genres in the act. He shared tales of drunken exploits (a hometown favorite), a bit of political commentary, and mixed in a segment about unused Weekend Update jokes. The jokes were raunchy and the vulgar Weekend Update lines were especially amusing. Meyers segued from personal experiences to fresh material about the New York mosque, the Tea Party protestors, and pwning n00bs on Xbox Live. Dirty jokes were present throughout.

After the stand up, Meyers hosted a Q&A session that gave him another round of opportunities to stretch the improv muscles and make fun of audience members. He professionally answered questions about how he got his comedy start, his favorite SNL sketches, and what producing SNL was like.

He refused both a request to sign a ticket for a guy forced to attend the show for extra credit and one to give Penn State a shout out on the new season of SNL. That particular request caused the crowd to erupt into a “We Are! Penn State!” chant. Meyers, a Northwestern alum,countered with their fight song. The crowd offered a rebuttal of collective contempt. The show finished with Meyers being asked if he would eat the moon if it were made of cheese.

Overall, the show was outstanding. Meyers was a good sport and connected with the excited crowd. It was fun. It was entertaining. Live from State College, it was Friday night!

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