Sestak’s Spouse Speaks…. Talking Points

Susan Sestak, wife of Democratic Senatorial Candidate Joe Sestak, spoke about the importance of the youth vote to an audience composed mainly of members of the College Democrats and people eligible for their AARP member discounts at the movie theater.

Visibly ill-at-ease and mainly going through talking points, Sestak was at a loss for words when she pondered a future with Pat Toomey, the Republican challenger, and then she described the Tea Party movement as scary. What is important is that she seemed convinced of her talking points, including the obligatory Bush bashing and the professed usefulness of every vote.

It was interesting, though, that she said it was “nice to have two good people to choose from.” If Sestak had not sued the Green Party Senatorial candidate, there would have been three good people to choose from. Due to a state law that is designed to keep third parties off the ballot, the Democrats and Republicans only needed to collect 2,000 signatures, while third parties needed to collect an excess of 20,000 signatures.

Sestak sought to have many signatures disqualified by the court, for such petty reasons as using ditto marks, a supposed illegible signature, or having a person outside of the district collect signatures. It is usually clear that a person who signs a nomination petition wants the candidate to appear on the ballot, contrary to the machinations of opponent candidates. All of this was in a presumed effort to keep a candidate who might appeal to those of a more liberal persuasion off the ballot.

How can a military officer, who has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, actively seek to enforce a system of unfair and inequitable elections? When asked about this, Susan Sestak was not familiar with the situation.

In other moments, she accused Toomey of doing “everything he could to cut Head Start.” Maybe Toomey is on to something, as it has been a failure. Since we here at Onward State try to leave you with positive thoughts, we’ll remind you that Sestak is for pay-as-you-go rules for the reduction of the budget deficit and the repeal of the infamous “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.

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