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What was the last Adam Sandler movie that was actually funny? It’s a question that will likely produce a variety of answers. I’m fairly sure every answer will require backtracking quite a few years. Grown Ups seemed like the chance to break the streak with its cast of comedians. And David Spade. Unfortunately, this movie is really the one that needs to grow up.

The Premise: The sudden death of a high school basketball coach initiates the 20 year reunion of the kids that made up the team. The leader of the group is Hollywood bigshot Lenny Feder (Sandler). Lenny’s kids don’t respect him and he has the hottest wife (Salma Hayek) because Happy Madison Productions made this film. Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) is the loveable family man who falls down a lot. Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is a stay-at-home dad who had his spine ripped out by his wife long ago. The group weirdo, Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider), is married to an old woman, which is apparently hilarious. And there’s Marcus Higgins (Spade). The group spends the weekend at a cabin in the woods to honor their deceased coach. The plot similarly is dead and buried right around here for the remaining 85 minutes. Nobody will attend its funeral.

The Performance: Sandler makes fun of the other characters. James falls down and is constantly reminded that he is a large man. Schneider gets hurt, is mocked, and does increasingly odd and gross things. Rock says something funny between 20 minute breaks. Spade acts like an ass. The actresses and children playing the men’s families make noise and do random gross things occasionally. Copy and paste poop jokes, pee jokes, fart jokes, and other bodily function jokes for the rest of the film.

Other Thoughts: What a waste of Chris Rock and Salma Hayek. All of the other big names in the movie repeat the same shtick that’s defined them in other, funnier movies. Chris Rock plays a character much different from anything I’ve seen him do before, but might as well be a cameo. There are entire scenes where the other four actors are doing something not really funny and Rock is nowhere to be seen. My guess is he successfully pulled off a great escape to a funnier movie. Salma Hayek is here for the jarring emotional scenes that punch you in the face out of nowhere. More importantly, she is here so this movie comes up when you try to find better films on Google, such as Wild Wild West or Spy Kids 3D.

Final Verdict: The Fake Dog Crap. It’s nothing new and generally not that funny. It unsuccessfully tries to use gross-out humor to cover up its weaknesses. One of your friends will find it hilarious and everyone else won’t want to hang out with them. Overall, it’s just lazy and lacks any creativity or effort.

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