Canning Chronicles: Materials Get a Makeover

Two weekends from now, when you’re standing on street corners all over the East Coast trying to raise those dolla dolla bills For the Kids, you’ll be shaking a newer, sleeker can-can.

Both the cans and signs have been given a makeover for the 2010-2011 fundraising season. According to THON Public Relations Overall Jony Rommel, “Help Kids Fight Cancer” will now prominently be displayed on all canning materials. In the past, these items included the phrase “Help Kids With Cancer.” Additionally, all fundraising materials will feature both the Penn State and THON logos.

“The overall goal is to make the signs and can wraps more recognizable than in previous years,” explains Rommel. “We are also hoping that this change will not only serve as a call to action for people who are considering donating.”

Canning materials from previous years cannot be used by any organization in the 2010-2011 fundraising season. The updated can wraps and signs can be picked up Wednesday, October 20 through Friday, October 22 in the HUB-Robeson Center.

As as a reminder, all organization THON chairs must register their canning trips on prior to all canning weekends. Any money raised must be dropped off the Monday after a canning weekend. A complete list of the THON rules and regulations can be found on

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