Former Sweatshop Workers to Share Their Tales

Tonight, United Students Against Sweatshops is hosting Gina Cano and Maritza Vargas, two South American apparel workers, who will share their unique stories about their fight for fair labor practices. Through their struggles and victories, the women can offer an incredible perspective on what so few of us really understand about sweatshop labor.

Cano is a UTG union member from Honduras who, among other things, played a part in getting Nike to change their manufacturing methods and pay $2.2 million in owed severance. After ups and downs in her fight, Vargas now works at a plant in the Dominican Republic that produces Alta Gracia, a sweatshop-free clothing brand which is sold at the Penn State Bookstore.

Penn State USAS member Chris Stevens expressed his excitement “…to have both these workers coming to Penn State to talk about their struggles and more importantly victories.” In addition to the speakers, the club is going to lead a discussion about getting Penn State to drop ties with the Fair Labor Association, which Stevens describes as “a corrupt watchdog organization that is paid mainly by brands, as well as universities, to cover up sweatshops.”

Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear these real life accounts. The event is being held at 8 p.m. in 258 Willard.

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