Day: January 24, 2011

10 Questions with Chris Pronchik

Chris Pronchik has had a full experience here at Penn State. He is a member of the Penn State men's hockey team, scoring seven goals in 23 games this year. He is also an active participant in THON. For the second straight year, Pronchik serves as a THON captain. Onward State got a chance to talk to Pronchik while he balances life in the middle of both hockey and THON season. Check it out after the jump.

My Ideal Movin’ On Lineup

Even though the Movin' On website was finally updated with (hopefully) current contact information, no one answered my email asking them for a status update of any sort. I've been following @psumovin on too, but they aren't tweeting that frequently. Let's pretend they are too busy working on the concert.

We probably won't find out who Movin' On (read as: the student body) is dropping six-figures on until later this spring. Since we have no lineup announcement for this year, and no great way to know what Movin' On is doing with that survey data, I'd like to offer my ideal lineup. Keep in mind some of these artists are listed on the newer survey, so they should fit perfectly into the line-up. Check it out after the jump.

Strong Rebounding Leads Penn State Over Indiana

Coming off a loss to Purdue last Thursday, the Lady Lions needed a win against Indiana to stay in the hunt for first place in the Big Ten. It took a double-double from Mia Nickson and dominance on the boards to keep the Hoosiers at bay.

Some Dumbass Gets Wet

On January 28 at the State Theatre, Iceman Wim Hof will immerse himself in a freezing cold tank of ice water for longer than 1 hour and 50 minutes in an attempt to break a record.

Still not interested? Well let's put it in different terms. Some dude who calls himself the "Iceman" will stay in a tank of ice water for longer than anyone really cares.

But, if you are a person who is fascinated by this, make sure to hit up the event. The "Iceman" will give a lecture after his stunt (of sorts).

10 Questions with IFC President Dan Florencio

With the beginning of the spring semester comes a new class of Greek leaders. We caught up with Interfraternity Council President Dan Florencio, asked him the tough questions, and heard about his plans for the year. Check out the interview after the jump.

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