What the Hell is Frog Ball?

We here at Onward State have recently become aware of an activity going on at this very campus known as Frog Ball.

Frog Ball is one of the newest official clubs at University Park.

Club president James Evans explains where this mysterious game came from:

Frog Ball was initially started during the second summer session (of 2010). I introduced a group of people to the sport when we were all looking for something to do one day and it quickly caught on. Frog Ball originated from my small town back in Ohio. It’s just something we would play in gym class or meet up at the high school for a pickup game. We kept it pretty low profile because we technically couldn’t advertise because we weren’t a student activity. The word spread and we had about 20 people involved by mid-semester and we were playing almost 3 to 4 times a week.

Basically, Frog Ball is our world’s version of Fight Club. Just like Fight Club, the Man was determined to force his institutions and oppression on the youth of today by preventing Frog Ball from seeing the light of day. I’ll let James explain:

What really pushed us into becoming a club sport was when we were disrespectfully kicked off of the STUDENT tennis courts. You know, the ones that are included in our activities fee. He (an unidentified tennis enthusiast, probably Hitler) tried to find every reason for us to be removed and even went as far as blaming the poor and unkempt condition of the courts on us. We needed a place to play so we decided that we should transform the pickup game into a club sport.

And so Frog Ball lived on. Through the power of properly using bureaucracy and filling out paperwork, another blow was dealt to the iron fist of the establishment. But how does one actually play Frog Ball? We’re all ears, James.

It’s basically team tennis that’s played with a volleyball and there is one bounce allowed (except for when a team receives the serve, then they are allowed 2 bounces only for that return). Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward. You can use any part of your body to get the ball back over the net and each team is limited to 4 hits to return the ball.

Frog Ball is like a sunset or a Daft Punk concert: Words just can’t do it justice. To experience the beauty that is Frog Ball, stop by 126B White Building from 6:45 to 9 on Mondays or 8:30 to 11 on Wednesdays.

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