Natty Nittany: Going Gray

Thank goodness the weather is getting a little nicer around Happy Vally, because the bleak fashion landscape over the last few months has been killing me. Even though spring has not quite sprung, it’s great to see people walking about in clothes that don’t make them look like giant blobs of down feathers with lamb skin stumps poking out of the bottom. My despair is most likely attributed to re-watching all six season of Sex in the City; maybe Miss Carrie Bradshaw has been setting my standards too high. But I needed something to cheer up my winter blues.

I’m happy to report that the recent upturn in weather has made this Natty Nittany very happy. And as we leave winter and begin to pick out our spring outfits, why not go gray? I’ve been noticing a good amount of gray trending around campus, and I must say I’m a big fan.

Celiena (above) looked beautiful when she paired her gray jacket and gray textured cardigan with a rich warm-toned scarf. I’ll even admit that these are a pair of uggs that really look trendy. This might be the exception to my ugg hatred.

Robbie paired his gray cardigan with non-pleated khakis and brown leather kicks to make a great neutral outfit. FYI: Pleated pants on men are usually just bad news, so please stay away.

Last but not least, Kirstin’s gray jacket, brown cowgirl boots, and brown bag are a great way to work warm browns into a fun gray outfit.

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I'm a Junior majoring in Art Education, Ceramics, and Photography. Fashion and style are a huge part of my life, so it makes perfect sense that I'm photographing and writing the Natty Nittany! Joe


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