Natty Nittany: In Love with Fall Layers

With winter just around the corner at Penn State, we get to enjoy the wonderful three short weeks between shorts and sandals season and the advent of floor-length North Face parkas and Ugg boots, also known as autumn. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year for fashion. You can’t just throw on some skimpy little thing and run around like the people who use their tan as clothing, and you can’t hide those pajama jeans you’re wearing under your full body snowsuit to survive the cold. For fall, you have to put it all out there with your best layers on top.

I feel that fall fashion requires planning on how you’re going to layer textures, patterns, and fabric weights, while simultaneously making them contrast or coordinate with each other to keep the look cohesive. Thinking about versatility is also very important when choosing outfits for fall. Be prepared to shed layers, or add accessories to make your outfit work for the shifting temperatures.

Francesca did a great job of combining textures and layers in this look, while adding a pop of color to keep things interesting. The high-waisted look great, while the stunner shades and jade earrings brought attention to her face.

I loved Tarah’s outfit so much I flagged her down on her bike while she was heading to the Forum. The loose cardigan brought great texture to the outfit while adding a flare of whimsy in an elegantly disheveled way. The brown leather books and belt with the green denim was also a great combo.

P.S. It’s too early for Uggs.

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