Natty Nittany: Hats Off to Fall Fashion

Hats are tricky to pull off fashionably. There are so many opportunities for something to go wrong that most people give up before they find a hat that really works for their head shape, bone structure, and body.

This week the Natty Nittany searched high and low trying to find some awesome hats on campus, but sadly only one was found that was up to par. What gives? It is the perfect weather for some cute casual hats! I’m not asking for something like what Princess Beatrice or Victoria Beckham wore to the royal wedding, just something fun and playful.

Hats can be a great cover-up; I wore a simple black knit cap most of last week to cover the chaos of my life, but made it work by pairing it with hoodies, jackets, and dark denim. This made my hat an accent rather than an awkward focal point.

So, let me know (via Twitter @jjm5292) if you’re wearing a cute hat or outfit around campus this week, and I’ll see if you have what it takes to be the Natty Nittany.

This is a great example of what a hat can do for you. This fresh textured newsboy hat is a great accent to this outfit. I love the solid jacket and shoes that keep this look, simple, modern, and classy.
As most of my friends know, I cannot get enough tweed in my life, and this skirt was a much-needed dose. This light purple tweed skirt—with plum tights, cream sweater, and brown shoes—is absolutely killer.
This minimal outfit is a wonderful example of modern chic. So in the spirit of minimalism, I say that's all for this week.

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I'm a Junior majoring in Art Education, Ceramics, and Photography. Fashion and style are a huge part of my life, so it makes perfect sense that I'm photographing and writing the Natty Nittany! Joe


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