Natty Nittany: Sensational Fall Outfits

Even with the storm clouds of news and reporters in Happy Valley, the sun is out and it’s perfect fall weather. I am excited to report that this beautiful weather has meant the decline in North Face jackets I have been seeing around campus! Regardless of the fact that they don’t look good on anyone, it’s almost too hot for them. But this warm weather does not excuse the shredded denim mini-skirt and belly shirt outfit I saw yesterday. It’s not so hot that you can be delirious enough to dress like it’s 1998. I really wish I had taken a picture of it!

To all of the students who are taking advantage of this warm weather to sport your best apparel: I applaud you. I especially applaud what these lovely ladies were wearing around campus yesterday, and I must say it’s all about the red and warm colors. Red accessories, red accents in patterns, red shoes: for fall red means go.

While stalking people outside the HUB, I spotted Kayla in this gorgeous taupe ensemble accented with an elaborate burgundy pashmina, black leather knee-high boots, and stunner shades. Have I mentioned that I’m a huge fan of sunglasses?

While ignoring the rambling preacher outside of the HUB, Amanda was looking fresh with her bright flannel and red TOMS. It’s so Debbie Reynolds in Tammy and the Bachelor (1957).

Again, the sunglasses really do it for me. But more that the sunglasses, Sarah’s fun flower print dress is perfect for this time of year. Sarah was definitely turning some heads in this Anthropologie-inspired outfit. My only critique would be the black bag with brown shoes (hey, no one’s perfect!) but she makes up for it with her stunning gold watch.

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