Complaining About UPUA Violations… In Style!

I’ve been told that UPUA Elections are going on and I should care for some reason. I recently discovered that UPUA has set up an official spot to complain about Elections Code Violations. If there’s one thing I like to do, it is complaining about things. Especially frivolous things that nobody honestly cares about. It sure sounds like an election to me!

Anyway, the form is supposed to be used for other student politicians to report things like spending too much money and campaigning in restricted areas. But let’s face it, that Elections Code is incredibly boring and I can’t be bothered to understand it. Judging from the recent “Can a freshman run for office?” debates, neither can UPUA. The form apparently lets non-candidates also complain about things.

The form appears to protect itself against my intended smear campaigns and “yo momma” jokes by asking me to associate with a candidate. Since all of the candidates’ names are listed on the election site, I’m sure the PSU directory would get me all the information I need to claim I am acting on their behalf. The candidates will thank me later, I’m sure.

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