Coed Floors Coming to East Halls

As the Class of 2015 begins to populate campus, incoming freshmen moving into East may be surprised to learn that their neighbors are not all of the same gender.

This fall, for the first time, East Halls will feature coed housing in three of its fourteen residence halls. Bigler, Pinchot and Sproul Halls are set to house the coed floors.

“It is one of the living options that has been of interest for students in East for some time,” said Kelly Griffith, Area Coordinator for East Halls. “We’ve decided to honor those requests and see how it goes.”

The process is randomized for students who select East Halls as their preference, so students do not have the opportunity to opt in or out of these floors in the initial placement. As with any assignment, students can always utilize the Room Exchange eBoard to switch after assignments.

No structural changes will be required to accomodate this change. The selected residence halls already have two bathrooms on each floor, and bathrooms will be designated for each gender on the coed floors. Floors will also be separated by having a male and female rooms on opposite sides of the floor. Like all single-sex floors, the co-ed floors will still only have one RA.

Freshmen, what do you think of this change? Would you like to live on a co-ed floor?

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