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Day: August 4, 2011

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Few things excite me as much as times when the university -- an institution whose endurance is a point of pride -- bumps into the ever-advanacing force of technology. Sometimes, it comes in large, navy-looking vessels like the Millennium Science Building... but other times, Penn State runs into the best that the digital age has to offer in a less academic setting. Find out who the robot to the right is -- and why he could help Penn State -- after the jump.

Penn State Construction Update: HUB Expansion

In March 2011, the Board of Trustees voted to halt all progress on many new construction projects that were then in progress, short of breaking ground. This means that major projects still in the design and bidding phases were put on hold until further notice. However, based on the extent to which many of them had been designed and the fact that many of the contracts had already been granted, we can only assume that they will come to fruition one day. To help counter the Penn State building rumor mill ("They’re putting a building on the HUB Lawn, OMG, WTF?!"), this is the first in a series of posts looking at projects currently on hold, as well as those already in progress.

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