Gear Up for This Week’s THON Interviews

THON Committee interviews started on Monday and will carry on throughout this week. These interviews are not like the one you are going to encounter at the Career Fair, but they’re more formal than just a chat among friends.

On your assigned date and time, you will sit in front of a panel of 3-4 THON captains from the committee that you applied for, together with 2 or 3 other applicants. The captains will ask each of you questions similar to the ones on the THON application. Some samples questions include:

“Why do you want to be involved with THON?”

“Why do you think you’d be good on (blank) committee?”

“What is your favorite memory of THON?”

These aren’t that difficult, but be prepared to answer them coherently. The captains are there to get to know you so they can gauge where you’d best fit in. Different committees will have different interview styles. For example, Morale interviews will probably be very different from Finance committee interviews.

Some tips for anyone getting interviewed:

  • Show up to the right building and room 10 minutes early. You’d rather be early than later!
  • Business casual is recommended; you don’t need to be wearing a suit, but look presentable.
  • Have some answers to the above sample questions ready in your head. For those of you who have been involved with THON before, think about your favorite memories and why you want to be involved again.
  • Respect others when they are talking and don’t interrupt.
  • Look the captains in the eyes when you speak to them
  • Smile!
These are just some basic tips to help you make the best out of this opportunity. Head into it with a positive attitude and be yourself.
And remember… FTK!

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