Onward Debates: Time to Embrace SNUGG Season

Everyone knows that this time of year, once the weather turns chilly and crisp, there’s a few things that girls reach for before they brace the weather outside of their apartment.

Yes, I am referring to SNUGG. Here, SNUGG stands for Spandex, North Face, and UGGs. In fact, as I write this, I, too, am sporting this uniform.

People seem to have such a problem with this, which I can’t wrap my head around. I don’t have an issue with you wearing jeans or sweatpants. I think at least leggings are a tad—even if only a tad—classier than sweats. Now I’m not saying everyone should wear leggings. Some girls, who indeed know who they are, probably should think twice before slipping on your spandex and baring it all.

It’s comfortable. Having an 8 a.m. that’s miserable to get up for, especially on those frigid and dark winter mornings, can be a little more bearable knowing your North Face will shield you from the wind and your UGGs will keep your feet toasty. No one wants to get all dolled up for class either—and if you do I don’t know who you’re kidding.  This “uniform,” if you will, provides a sense of being put together while still being comfortable.

I know—UGGs may not be the best looking pair of boots to ever grace the shelves of stores. I too prefer a nice pair of leather boots when going out, but nonetheless, UGGs are warm and probably the most comfortable your feet will ever be when you’re not barefoot.

And North Faces, everyone has them for a specific reason; they are warm and cozy!

So sue me, and all of the other girls around campus who will slowly begin to adapt this look as the weather changes. If a girl on the bus can wear silk polka dot pants, then dammit, I’m gonna wear my SNUGG!

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