Movin’ On Still Getting It Wrong

Movin’ On released its second survey of the year this week. You can take it here.

I must say I was hopeful when I saw Movin’ On’s first survey. Despite the fact that there were a lot of fairly obscure acts on it, they were at least good bands. But the excitement of the first survey of the year is gone and the second much more lackluster one has arrived.

My first suggestion would be to eliminate the country music section. Sorry, country fans, but I’d be willing to bet that if we did a poll of students’ favorite types of music, you’d be a small minority. Movin’ On’s goal is to appeal to the largest number of students it can, and if most students are like me, they won’t be able to stand sitting through an entire country set before the indie rock and hip hop come on.

The next two categories each have no discernible criteria linking the artists in them. I fail to see how Weezer and Bruno Mars are related, or what MGMT has in common with The Kooks.

As for selection, Weezer would definitely be a band that would resonate with most students here. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them at Movin’ On, but I can see why many students would want better than yet another band that’s well past their prime. MGMT would be a good choice, coming off a sophomore album that did well on the charts with another one slated to hopefully drop next year sometime.

But acts like AWOLNATION, The Kooks and Young the Giant won’t appeal to students simply because they aren’t “big” enough names. One Republic only has a few good hits. And like I mentioned before, I don’t think I could endure Bruno Mars.

The Hip-Hop/R&B category was a little redeeming, with artists like Kid Cudi and the Roots. But they were mixed in with less stellar rappers like Ludacris and a burnt out Snoop Dogg. I would enjoy seeing Tyler, the Creator, but I also realize he seems to have a polarizing effect on people and that would be a controversial choice.

Of all the acts, my top four are Weezer, MGMT, Kid Cudi, and The Roots. What do you think of the acts on the survey? Who would you like to see booked for Movin’ On? Let us know in the comments below and tweet your picks to @psumovinon.

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