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Day: October 27, 2011

Why There Shouldn’t Be a Whiteout On Saturday

Alas, my friends, our beloved Guido has struck again. This time, he has decided to declare a student whiteout three days in advance of the Illinois game. Now the casual fan would probably say, "OMFGZ YES!!!", but I am not—and you shouldn't either.

The 6 People Not to Be at a Halloween Party

To most people, Halloween is this Monday, October 31. If you're reading this, though, chances are Halloween starts tonight. Maybe it even started a couple of days ago. In any event, you may find yourself at a Halloween party over the next half a week. Here are six people you should absolutely not be.

Movin’ On Still Getting It Wrong

Movin' On released its second survey of the year this week. You can take it here.

I must say I was hopeful when I saw Movin' On's first survey. Despite the fact that there were a lot of fairly obscure acts on it, they were at least good bands. But the excitement of the first surveyof the year is gone and the second, much more lackluster one has arrived.

Onward Debates: Slutty Costumes FTW

All right, ladies! Listen up! This is the one time of the year you can wear next to nothing at a party and get away with it. That's right, Halloween is here, and you should embrace the urge to wear the sleaziest thing you can find. Here is a list of five reasons why it's okay to pick out a scandalous outfit and rock it!

Onward Debates: Costumes > Bra and Panties Party

Halloween used to be about fun and candy. Now it seems to be who is wearing the more promiscuous costume--here are some reasons to cover up an extra inch or two of skin.

What Happened to Sound Tribe Sectors 1-8?

The State Theatre is the least likely place for fans to get up out of their seats and shake what their mommas gave them, but on Wednesday night, Sound Tribe Sector 9 was serving up raver specials on the house.

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