Onward Debates: Slutty Costumes FTW

All right, ladies! Listen up! This is the one time of the year you can wear next to nothing at a party and get away with it. That’s right, Halloween is here, and you should embrace the urge to wear the sleaziest thing you can find. Below is a list of five reasons why it’s okay to pick out a scandalous outfit and rock it!

1.  You are in college, and your body will [most likely] never look better. Flaunt it while you’ve got it!

2. You get to be someone you can’t be in real life. If you want to be a slutty cop, then buy a fake pair of handcuffs, a pair of aviators, and a little blue dress! And dammit, you be a slutty cop! Fake arrest some people and play the role.

3. You can wear next to nothing without being judged by your peers…because they are also wearing a firefighter costume that reads, “I put out!”

4. You can show off your curves for that boy who only sees you in a hoodie in your Psych100 class. Sure, when you go out you get all dolled up, but something about wearing a flashy, tight, form-fitting costume seems to gain the attention of someone who may be interested in you.

5. It’s fun! You and your friends will have a blast getting all glitzed up pretending to be Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. You will take a ton of pictures living in this fantasy world. For that one bizarre weekend, you will have fun being in costume, showing off your bod, and gaining confidence about your appearance!

So, ladies, I know you will be dressing to impress this weekend. Don’t be afraid to show some skin or bust out some fake eyelashes. But more importantly:  be safe and have fun! 

Also, Jenna Marbles has some words of wisdom on this subject. Take her advice as you will!

*Disclaimer: Onward State is not encouraging slut-like behavior from people this Halloween, though if one thing leads to another because of your sexy costume of choice…you’re welcome ;)

Read the other side of the debate, as well, Costumes > Bra and Panties Party

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