Procrastination at Its Finest: The Best Sites to Waste Your Life Away On!

With the increasing amount of assignments leading up to Thanksgiving break, Onward State would like to present a list of some of the best websites (besides Facebook and Twitter) to waste time and procrastinate on homework with. This list comes to us from suggestions from readers on Twitter.

Whenever you find yourself working on a paper, and are doing some “background research” on your topic, it never fails. You’re always on Wikipedia. You end up jumping from ‘the American Revolution’ to ‘Ebola.’ How you got there, you never know, but by the time you realize that you’ve gone from your main topic to something completely obscure, you’ve effectively wasted a huge chunk of your time while learning really obscure facts you probably didn’t want to know.

Reddit and StumbleUpon
These two sites are incredibly popular with the college crowd wasting time on the Internet. Reddit is a gold mine to effectively procrastinate on! Of course, SU is also an effective procrastination tool, because who doesn’t like hitting the ‘STUMBLE!’ button to discover “Which Superhero is Your NFL Quarterback?” or really cool videos of people painting?

This site isn’t just for hipsters anymore. You can view blogs devoted to food porn, to The Daily What (now a part of the I Can Haz Cheezburger network), to our very own Evan Kalikow eating. You can even find tumblrs devoted to fashion, music, news, video games, etc. This site (and Reddit and 4Chan) are also home to many Internet memes that spread like wildfire.

The Black Sheep
This was a site suggested to us by @CampusFlockPSU. This site can teach you how to “effectively outcreep potential creepsters,” as well as the “art of avoiding annoying people.” They even have a section about various college campuses, but oddly enough, Penn State’s not there!

The Chive and Cracked
Chive’s tagline reads ‘Probably the Best Site in the World,’ and for good measure. It has posts and topics for all kinds of people! Love animals that don’t suck? There’s a post of pictures for that. Are you into laughing your guts out? Well, this site’s got you covered too. If you’ve never heard of it, take a look!

Meanwhile, Cracked is home to some classic humor. If you don’t find anything hilarious over at The Chive, or want to waste even more time on that paper, you can learn about the meaning of your tattoo or its placement, infographics about bad decisions, and how gangstas and rednecks have some pretty similar subcultures.

Ah, Sporcle. I’ve spent countless hours on this site taking the quizzes and expanding my knowledge of meaningless trivia. This site also has college rankings based on the amount of points from users at various schools. Currently, Penn State is number four, with 58,517 points, slipping a spot from last week. Michigan’s got the top spot, with 71,774 points. If you’re finding yourself bored and not wanting to do your schoolwork, why not try to knock Michigan out of the top spot?

Betches Love This and Ask Men
These sites are more gender-specific, but they can give insight to someone clueless about the opposite sex. A “betch” is essentially the female version of a “bro.” Want to be a better betch? Read this site! The site even has gossip, which is MUCH more entertaining than that of Perez Hilton’s site. If you’re a guy, well, Ask Men can teach you how to be a better man! Even though it’s No Shave November/Movember, they even include a guide on how to get the perfect shave, which will definitely come in useful for you by the end of the month! It also includes posts about how to seduce women, fashion tips for the dapper man, and career information to make sure you come out on top as the best man out there.

Funny Sites With Pictures
Okay. Everybody knows these sites. They’re great! Pictures from them can be found all over Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. These include such gems like Lamebook, When Parents Text, Damn You, Auto Correct!, and I Waste So Much Time. These are truly some of the greatest gems on the internet, as the LOLs will roll for hours!

Did we miss anything in this post? Let us know some of your favorite sites to procrastinate on your homework with in the comments.

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Meghin is a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in English. She transferred from the Harrisburg campus as a junior to finish out her schooling at University Park. She has a passion for all things music, fashion, art, and food. She's a Pennsylvania native (born outside of Pittsburgh, and lived in Lebanon for 11 years), but resides in Virginia when she's not in school, and has moved a total of ten times in her life, mostly thanks to the military.

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