Mr. & Mrs. THON

“When you THON for us, we know we are not alone. It gives us courage. It gives us strength.”

These were the words of Four Diamonds child Cora Beyer.  She was the star of last night’s hilarious show at Eisenhower Auditorium for the Mr. and Mrs. THON 2012 Pageant.

Cora was one of the very special guests in the house last night for the annual event. Other guests included Carolyn Depuy (Mrs. THON 2011 and co-MC with Kora), THON adviser Barry Bram, feature twirler Matt Freeman and THON Overall Elaine Tanella.

Starting around 7:15 everyone’s favorite DJ, Larry Moore, started pumping the crowd up with Rihanna and LMFAO. When it came time to start the pageant at 7:30 the committees, THON community and the captains performing were ready to go. Each committee had a male and female captain and each of the 14 committees were represented. As each couple was announced on stage their respective group of supporters stood up and cheered them on, flaunting their committee’s color.

The captains opened up the show with a choreographed routine and had the crowd going crazy, especially when the Mr. THON contestants did “the Bernie.” After their opening act, the captains broke off and the competition began. First came the talent show. The lucky crowd got to see such acts like R&R’s Napoleon Dynamite dance, OPP’s version of Celebrity Jeopardy with Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen and Paula Deen, Technology’s hands and feet dance (if you were there you know exactly what I’m talking about), Morale’s dancing through THON decades, and the crowd’s favorite- Special Event’s Dom Mazzetti & Jenna Marbles vs. Mr. and Mrs. THON 2012 Pageant contestants. Every committee was awesome and the crowd was loving every minute of it. Definitely worth the $4 admission (all of which went towards THON).

To give the contestants a little break, Cora Beyer graced the crowd with her rendition of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” and brought some in the crowd to tears. After she was done, Cora got a standing ovation for her beautiful performance.

Next came the fashion show. We had couples dressed as mops (OPP), in full suits made out of THONvelopes (DAR) and Banana costumes (Hospitality). Unfortunately, only 3 captain couples could make it to the final round. So after a quick deliberation, the judges decided that Mr. and Mrs. Technology, OPP, and Public Relations would move on.

Following some heartfelt and funny Q&A’s with the finalists and 2011’s Line Dance it was clear who the winners were… Mr. and Mrs. Technology! Draped with crowns and sashes Mr. and Mrs. THON 2012 were cheered on by all of Eisenhower.

The evening ended with the crowd and captains singing “You’re Love is My Love”…. only 91 days until THON 2012! FTK!

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