Mario Kart FTK

For anyone who misses the days of N64 and the awesomeness that is Mario Kart, your prayers have been answered.

Independent THON organizations Atlas, Springfield, Apollo and SHCStuCo will be holding a fundraising Mario Kart competition from 7:30-10 tonight in Redifer Commons.

Starting at 7:30, time trials will be held for $2 and the player with the fastest time wins an “awesome gift basket”. Starting at 9, the real competition begins. A bracket style tournament will start with a $5 buy-in. Winner receives bragging rights and 20% of the total profits to go to the organization of their choice.

For those of you who may be a little rusty, here are some helpful “hints” to increase your odds of winning, courtesy of the internet:

  • The instant between the dimming of the second light and the flashing of the blue light at the start if the race, press A to accelerate. This should give you a nice head start, but be careful; accelerating too soon will result in a spinout.
  • To recover from one of those damn banana peels, immediately hold the brake for one second, then accelerate to avoid skidding.
  • If you fall off a map, when being placed back on, when your kart is 2 or 3 tire widths from the track press A immediately to resume the race.
  • Mega jumps- if you’re using a mushroom or a turbo boost, jump when another driver is immediately in front of you. If your timing is right you’ll sail over their head.
Time for all the hours you spent as a kid to finally pay off– and for a good cause, too.

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