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THONvelopes are a great way to fundraise for THON, but a lot of people don’t understand THONvelopes and how they can be beneficial to their organization.  Here are a few tips on how to use THONvelopes, and exactly how they help raise THON’s total!

THONvelopes are the most successful, efficient, and simple way to get donations from friends and family while raising awareness for THON.  It’s important to remember that they aren’t sent to companies (you’ll see exactly why later). If you don’t know how to make and send THONvelopes, you can learn here:

There are some key things to remember when making and sending your THONvelopes:

  • Snag your parents’ address book to find more addresses than just your friends. The more THONvelopes you can send, the better!
  • Personalize your letter and envelope to ensure it won’t be thrown away with the junk mail. This can include decorating the envelope with stickers, or adding a message in your letter. “Thanks for your help Uncle Buck, see you at Christmas!”
  • Send your THONvelopes before winter break. The holidays are the time for giving in a lot of people’s minds and a large amount of giving is done during the month of December.
  • Be sure to thank all of the people that donated. When someone is thanked, not only do we show our deep appreciation, but donors are more likely to remember THON in future years!

Still need more guidance? Email Donor and Alumni Relations Overall Anuj Upadhyay at [email protected]

Happy THONveloping!

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