Onward Debates: Root For The Giants

With the Super Bowl just days away, it may be tough to decide who to root for if you’re either an Eagles or Steelers fan. Here’s why you should root for the Giants:

10. The best QB to ever come out of Penn State played for the Giants

Daryl Clark never got the chance to play in the NFL. Michael Robinson doesn’t even play quarterback in the NFL. That leaves Kerry Collins as the only solid quarterback to have come out of Penn State recently. Is it sad that Kerry Collins is the best quarterback to come out of Penn State? Yes, yes it is. However, he did win Quarterback of the Year award at Penn State in 1994. He also had 4 solid years with the Giants in the late 90s/early 2000s.

9. Bill Belichick is an extremely unlikeable person

No one ever said that coaches had to be likeable people, but Belichick really seems to try his hardest when making people hate him. He’s never been the nicest person when it comes to press conferences, and he is notorious for running up the score in games he has no business doing so. It’s an urban legend that his cold personality is most likely what keeps New England so frigid in the winter. Maybe another Super Bowl loss would stop Belicheck from being the Mr. Scrooge of the NFL.

8. No Penn Staters will be playing for the Patriots on Sunday

Seriously, what gives Patriots? You couldn’t find a spot for one world class Penn State athlete on the Super Bowl roster? Granted, one Penn State player is on the New England injured reserve, but still. The Giants have two Penn State players on the roster: DT Jimmy Kennedy and OT Kareem McKenzie. By default, the Giants are more Penn State than the Patriots are.

7. The Patriots approve of cheating

Everyone remembers the SpyGate scandal, so this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to support a team that has high moral and ethical standards, the Giants would be the team of choice.

6. Tom Brady is a man-lady

Just by looking at the guy, it’s easy to assume that he has feminine qualities due to his big bashful eyes and long, girly hair. However, just scratch the surface to uncover all of Tom Brady’s man-lady qualities. For example, the guy has an endorsement deal with UGG. This would be mildly acceptable if he was only endorsing their man slippers. However, in true Tom Brady fashion, he was photographed wearing the full-out man boots. Then there’s this picture of Tom Brady enjoying a slide. If you listen closely enough, you can faintly hear his high-pitched squeal as he goes down. If Brady loses the game this Sunday, there’s a good chance he cries (hopefully while wearing his man UGGs and wiping eyeliner from his eyes). And whenever Brady cries, it’s always entertaining.

5. Tom Brady makes kids cry

In addition to being a feminine male, Brady also specializes in making kids cry. If Brady and the Pats win on Sunday, kids across America will be sobbing their little hearts out. Please, think of the children and root for the Giants on Sunday.

4. The Giants are the underdog

It’s always fun to root for the underdog in sports, and the Giants are certainly the underdog in this game. If anything, this Super Bowl is rather similar to the second Mighty Ducks movie. Sure, the Icelandic team might’ve been better than the Mighty Ducks, but no wanted to root for Iceland because they were unbearably annoying. Don’t be “that guy” that roots for Iceland (or New England, in this case). Unless, of course, evil is your thing.

3. There are quite a few Giants fans here on campus

If the Giants lose, just imagine how depressing and lifeless campus will be on Monday morning. No one wants to start the week off with a terrible campus vibe. If the Giants win, however, happiness will be abundant and the disappointed New England fans will be entertaining to watch.

2. The Patriots have Chad Ochocinco on their team

Ochocinco is the epitome of selfish NFL players. Really, who changes his last name to reflect his football number (and in improper Spanish no less)? This guy alone is enough to root against the Patriots, even if he doesn’t play too many snaps. The Giants would never allow such a self-indulgent player on their roster.

1. If the Patriots win, they will probably dance

Here’s what happens when someone from the Patriots dances. If that didn’t make you gag/gently weep, then I don’t know what will.

Go Giants!

NOTE: To see the Patriots side of the debate, click HERE

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