Day: February 3, 2012

PRIDE Organizes Event to Welcome Coach O’Brien

PRIDE, the Penn State sportsmanship team, has organized an event to welcome new head football coach Bill O'Brien and his family to Penn State.

A Sad Eagles Fan’s Super Bowl Preview

Another year, another disappointing finish. Ah, the life of a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Eagles fans of Penn State, please sympathize with me. This particular season, however, was just plain embarrassing. Any fan of the NFL or casual viewer of ESPN heard our (now former) strip-club loving, manic depressive, backup quarterback proclaim this year’s version of the Eagles the “dream team”. Well, that one certainly blew up in our faces.

Penn State Goes to Sundance, Take 2

Last week, I traded the snowy valley of State College, Pennsylvania for the similarly snowy mountains of Park City, Utah. Why? As a member of a delegation of 10 students from the Penn State Student Film Organization, I was lucky enough to attend the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Onward Debates: Root for the Patriots

If you’re reading this, you probably hate the Patriots. However, seeing as neither Pennsylvania team is playing on Sunday, here are a couple reasons why you should root for the New England to beat the New York Giants.

Onward Debates: Root For The Giants

With the Super Bowl just days away, it may be tough to decide who to root for if you're either a Eagles or Steelers fan. In one side of today's Onward Debate, we give you some reasons why you should root for the Giants:

HUB Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

I went into this week's HUB movie fully expecting it to be as disappointing as its predecessors. Low budget films with a few effects thrown in, but not really living up to the title of being a horror movie. But Paranormal Activity 3 actually made me jump out of my seat.

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