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Day: February 14, 2012

Onward Date: The Foreigner and the Photographer

I thought of getting her flowers, but completely ran out of time. Decided to google “flower,” and print out the first thing that looked like a rose. Golden.

Onward Date: #OS210 More Than A Date

It began as an idea centered around two people; it morphed into a phenomenon. Based on a compatibility given to several participants within the Onward State staff, Drew Balis and Ally Greer were matched up to go on an Onward State Valentine’s Day date. During an OS Super Bowl party, we decided that the location of said date would take at the ever popular Café 210 West. At this moment, the date was still five days away, and we elected to spice things up in the form of a Double Date, a little Number One Compatibility Magic in the form of Tyler Hoy and Evan Kalikow.

Desperate Valentine’s Day Craigslist Debauchery

Are you feeling lonely this Valentine's Day? Don't worry, not all hope is lost. No matter how pathetic you may be, there is always someone even more pathetic on Craigslist that wants nothing more this V-Day than to date YOU! Here are just a few examples of people in the Penn State/Altoona area looking to fulfill their sexual desires this Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Schadenfreude Fiesta: Your Love Letters

Last week we asked for your love letters from former boyfriends and girlfriends. Here they are. Annotations of how each relationship ended are quoted in italics underneath each letter.

The Best Love Advice (That We Never Take)

It's Valentine's Day and, for better or worse, love is on everyone's mind. Whether you're (un)happily single or (not very) content in a relationship, here's some of the best love advice you can get.

This Week on Screen and Stage

The State Theatre will be screening some praise-worthy works of film all this week while the Penn State School of Theatre presents "The Grand Hotel."

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