THON 101: Rules And Regulations

During THON weekend, the Bryce Jordan Center becomes a sea of color. One of the most prominent colors is red, which will be donned by the Rules and Regulations committee members.

Led by overall Maired Hanna, Rules and Regs is arguably the most visible force during THON weekend. The committee’s 34 captains and over 1,000 committee members are charged with maintaining order and organization to keep THON running safely and smoothly for everyone involved.

During THON weekend, members of R&R either serve on security or PASS teams. On-duty security members can be found scattered throughout all areas of the BJC to ensure that the rules are followed. PASS teams man the tables located on the concourse level for the general public and the mezzanine level for the Four Diamonds families.

Although sometimes these roles as rule enforcers may not always be the easiest jobs, the Rules and Regulations committee serves as a crucial aspect of THON weekend and is imperative to ensure the safety and longevity of THON for the families and the kids.

More information can be found about the Rules and Regulations Committee on THON’s official website. If you missed it earlier or just want to read it again, check out another feature on Rules and Regs Overall Mairead Hanna including a Committee of the Week video, and make sure to look for more stories and updates from Onward State leading up to and throughout THON weekend.

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