Senior Pals Set To Dance For 46

Steve Leotta and Anthony Smith have been good friends since they first met during their freshman year at Penn State Altoona. The two seniors have lived together for the past three years, all the while being heavily involved in THON. This year, they are both committed to 46 hours on the dance floor, and they’ll lean on each other for support all weekend.

The pals are honored to be dancing and said they’ve been looking forward to this weekend all year long. Although it’s had only been a few hours in to THON when we caught up with them, the two both have a smile on their face that you can’t wipe off. They’re playing games with kids, dancing around and spending time with fellow committee and organization members whom they have grown so close to over the years.

Both Smith and Leotta have been active members of FOTO–a special interest organization founded in 2009–for the past two years. Leotta even participated in the organization his sophomore year while still enrolled at Altoona, making weekly trips to State College just to attend meetings. In addition to his participation in FOTO, Smith also served on a morale committee last year. But they both credit their friends in FOTO with making the weekend so much fun.

“It’s the best weekend ever. FOTO is my family,” Smith said.

When asked why he wanted to dance this year, Leotta took a few moments and just looked around the BJC at the masses of people, smiling and shaking his head. “I do it for the kids, I’m speechless, I can’t really put it into words.”

And from his firsthand experiences, Smith also understands the true meaning of THON.

“I’m dancing so that no parent ever has to hear the words, ‘your child has cancer’ again,” Smith said.

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