Alesso & Ingrosso Fans: Behave Yourselves

Dear Penn State students who will be attending tonight’s Alesso & Ingrosso concert:

I’m begging you:  don’t fuck this up. The status of DayGlow is in your hands. If you get too drunk to function or trip out from too much E, you are risking not only your health and safety of those around you…but also the opportunity for DayGlow to play two shows in Happy Valley.

Bernie Punt (Director of Sales & Marketing at the BJC) informed me of the situation, relating it to the Avicii concert:

“The University is concerned by a number of complaints from the community, police and the EMS regarding alcohol and drug use before EMD events.  There was some cases of this at the Avicii concert last November which brought the issue to their attention.  And even though the cases were less than 1% of the entire audience that showed up that night, the media seemed keen on reporting it for days.”

Did you read that correctly? Less than 1% of the crowd can ruin this for us. Don’t you dare be in that 1%.

I get it: Alesso and Ingrosso are AWESOME; I’ll be at that show having a grand ole time. However, I, like many other Penn State students, know how to control myself. Especially in a situation which will have major consequences for the thousands of students who are planning on attending DayGlow (or any other event similar to it in the near future).  Punt, in relation to the Alesso/Ingrosso concert having a bad outcome, stated, “There will no longer be events like this at the BJC.”

The reason there was so much confusion over DayGlow announcing dates vs. the BJC confirming those dates is because of us, the students.

So, this one’s on you, guys. Please keep a level-head. Dance your heart out and feel that beat…but for the sake of all of us wanting to rage in paint, do not mess this one up.

Melanie & the rest of Penn State students dying to go to DayGlow at the BJC

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Melanie is a senior majoring in both Marketing and Advertising. She enjoys blowing bubbles, beating boys in Mario Kart, and going to concerts. Oh, and she takes photographs, as well.


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