ResCom Introduces Unlimited Bandwidth Pilot

Once upon a time, students living in residence halls across campus were forced to adhere to an annoying 10 GB per week bandwidth limit. Designed to curtail illegal downloading, pirating, and streaming of media, completely legal activities like Skype and Netflix would usually toe the line of ResCom’s data cap. However, students no longer need to worry about having their connection halted, because these limits are now a thing of the past.

Effective immediately, ResCom has lifted the 10 GB limit after successfully piloting the expansion in multiple residence halls during the spring semester. Students across campus no longer have to worry about their internet being slowed because they went on a Breaking Bad binge.

However, the longevity of unlimited bandwidth isn’t guaranteed just yet. RescCom still reserves the right to slow the network if certain students go overboard or are found to be using the network for illegal downloading, or for the whole campus if widespread excessive usage affects the University’s networks. The revised policy is as follows:

Although housing does not normally limit the amount of bandwidth (uploads and downloads) that can be used by individual users, housing does reserve the right to implements limits, restrict access to the network, as well as take other disciplinary actions, for individuals whose activities impact network performance or violate policy.

So basically, don’t mess it up for the rest of us.

For more information on what Penn State deems kosher for their networks, check out their copyright and network policies.

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