Gangnam Style is Here To Stay

There is absolutely no denying that South Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” will be popular for quite some time. On September 20th, it became the most “liked” video to ever hit Youtube. It currently has over 413,000,000 views, and those numbers climb every day. Let me tell you why.

Not only is this song extremely catchy, but it actually means something. Not too many of us are fluent in the Korean language, so plenty of people have spent the time researching the meaning, including myself.

Basically, Gangnam is comparable to Beverly Hills, California. This is where Psy grew up, and realized that there was a certain tone of entitlement for the upper-class that lived there. Those who are from the Gangnam district, though, do not boast about it. It is more about making fun of the posers trying to fit in where they are not from.

That’s right — the power blue tuxedos, sunglasses, and cheesy dance moves actually have meaning. (Side Note: I’m still unaware of the meaning of the elevator scene and why Psy sings on the toilet.)

Now, of course, this is not the only reason why I love the song. It is one of those awesome dance songs where maybe you don’t know the verses, but EVERYBODY knows the chorus. Plus, the famously ridiculous dance moves are way too fun.

So embrace it, folks. Psy is still on the rise. Learn the dance moves soon, because I can guarantee that they’ll be sprinkled throughout the school year. There will be people dressed as Psy for Halloween. Heck, RAM Squad and the Nittany Lion already caught on at the Temple football game.

And I have a feeling that you might just hear “Oppan Gangnam Style” during the 2013 THON line dance.

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