Free Pumpkin Carving in Eastview Terrace

The Nittany chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary is hosting a pumpkin carving tonight at 6 p.m. in 117 Brill Hall in Eastview Terrace. Pumpkins and carving kits will be provided at no cost. There will also be some autumnal food for you to enjoy while carving your pumpkin masterpiece.

Unsure of what exactly to make your pumpkin into? Not a fan of the standard triangle eyes and toothy grin? Here’s a few Penn State ideas you can break out if you’re feeling daring:

Previous THON logos.

(image courtesy of Penn State Live)

Penn State landmarks.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can take a crack at Bill O’Brien. This rendering by Zoo With Roy (@zoowithroy) could be used as a stencil. And it just do happens that today is BOB’s birthday.

Keep it classic Penn State.

If you’re really going out on a limb, Karl Rominger.

Take your frustration with Mark Emmert out on a National Communist Athletic Association pumpkin.

Have any other ideas for some awesome Penn State Jack-O-Lanterns? Comment below, and if you try any, be sure to tweet your photos @OnwardState!

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