“Penn State Compliments” Page Spreads Happiness

On November 20th, a Penn Stater followed the new nationwide trend for colleges and universities and created a “Penn State Compliments” Facebook page. This site is a social project meant to spread happiness, joy, rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns across the Penn State community.

If you’re feeling awkward and don’t want to compliment someone on your own, don’t fret. All you need to do is inbox a compliment for any Penn Stater and they will post it on their page anonymously, and even tag their name if the person has already friend requested them. Be careful what you say, because all rude or hateful remarks will be disregarded.

The creator of Penn State Compliments, who wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, saw a compliments page on one of her friend’s Facebooks who goes to another university and wanted to bring it to Penn State, but was a little intimidated by the whole 40,000 person student body thing.

“Within a few hours, a University Compliments Facebook Group was set up for all the owners of the Facebook pages to share ideas and seek advice,” the creator of the page said. “It has turned into a little community and there are actually 53 members as of now from Canada, the US, and Scotland!”

Here are some samples from the site to give you some inspiration to write about me and your friends:

“I don’t think you will ever understand how many peoples’ lives you make an impact on day in and day out.”

“You literally brighten up every room you step into. You are so caring and always go out of your way for others I do not think anyone in the world could not love you!”

“I look up to you as the kind of person that I aspire to be one day, and I’m so lucky to have been your friend.”

“Keep being exactly who you are, because you do it so well!”

What do you think of this social project? A cesspool for awkwardness or cute social tool? Leave a reply in our comments section.

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Bailey is a Public Relations major and Psychology and Sociology minor from right outside Washington D.C. with a passion for Penn State Football and good music.


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