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With finals week only a few weeks away, SRTEs (Student Rating of Teacher Effectiveness) are set to open on December 3rd, which allow you to finally take out your frustrations (or jubilance) on all of your professors in the form of a survey. SRTEs have been around since 1985, and offer the standard questions that help departments evaluate the effectiveness of professors. But maybe they should ask some of these, too, for a more “honest” assessment.

The items numbered A1-A4 are mandatory University-wide.

 A1. Is this course yoga? (If uncertain, omit.)

A2. What grade do you expect to earn in this course?

A3. Really?

A4. Rate the overall quality of this course.

A5. Rate the overall quality of the instructor.

A6. Rate the overall quality of your sobriety at the current time.

Department Items

  1. Rate the clarity of the instructor’s presentations.
  2. Rate the clarity of the instructor’s speech.
  3. Rate the instructor’s skill in accepting late work.
  4. Rate the instructor’s skill in getting out of there ASAP.
  5. Rate the instructor’s skill in making you give a shit.
  6. Rate the instructor’s skill in not making you depressed.
  7. Rate the instructor’s taste in music/movies/television.
  8. Rate the instructor’s outward ability to relate (tattoos, glazed eyes, etc.)
  9. Rate the transparency of the instructor’s racism/sexism/homophobia in the classroom.
  10. Rate the instructor’s willingness to do whatever the majority votes for (leave, etc.)
  11. Rate the appropriateness of the instructor’s behavior towards any/all assholes in the class.
  12. Rate the thoroughness with which the instructor erases the white board.
  13. Rate the pictures/movies.
  14. Rate the amount of poop jokes.
  15. Rate the instructor’s standards of academic integrity.
  16. Rate the instructor’s name recall memory.
  17. Rate the amount of stuff you had to do for this course.
  18. Rate the amount you learned.
  19. Rate the amount you had to use ANGEL for this course.
  20. Rate the proximity between the classroom and the nearest food/coffee.
  21. Rate the timing of any class cancellations in correspondence with your personal life.
  22. Rate the promptness with which graded exams, reports, and other materials were returned.
  23. Rate the tone/pitch of the instructor’s voice.
  24. Rate the instructor on a 1-10 scale.
  25. Rate the price of the books.
  26. Rate the comfort of the chairs.
  27. Rate the similarity between your first name and the first name of your instructor’s ex-fiancé.

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